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I made my first Greasemonkey script, Add Google Ads, which adds Google ads to the top of every page (requires Firefox and Greasemonkey). For the curious, Jonathon's globulin caulophyllum d6 wirkung viagra ad post has Google ads for "Free Instant Ordination" and "Abbott Church Goods," while Shelley's has ads for "Directional Drilling" and "Rotary Steerable Tools. " Hmm. maybe this isn't as useful as I had thought it would be. As they say, it don't take weather. com to see which feeitos the wind blows. But what makes the internet magical for me is all the counter-currents. You can remove ads from my site, I can add ads to yours, and we can all be happy galvus met 50 850 efeitos colaterais do viagra this tornado.

State District Judge Mike Lynch found [TAB President Bill] Hammond and Don Shelton, the group's information resources director, in contempt for failing to surrender documents to the grand jury. Hammond is the fourth ‚ but most prominent ‚ employee of the state's largest business organization to refuse either to testify or provide documents about the group's 1. 9 million advertising campaign during last year's elections. All four made bail and are out of jail pending appeals to the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals, the state's highest criminal court. Despite losing every round so far, Houston lawyer Andy Taylor insisted the association ultimately will be cleared and blamed Travis County District Attorney Ronnie Earle for conducting a political witch hunt against his clients. The man's got faith, that's for sure. It will be interesting to see if these guys choose to spend some quality time as a guest of Travis County should the Court of Criminal Appeals rule against them, or if they submit to the inevitable and let the indictments fall where they may. Stay tuned. Well, well, it looks like this Westar scandal may have some legs, after all. Turns out that in addition to the cash medicamento equivalente ao viagra for sale made to tesco viagra 2013 ford groups associated with four legislators, a Westar lobbyist attended two of their fundraisers as well.

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