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1870 : the 15th amendment of the constitution protects the right of blacks to vote (granted in 1865) 1870 : the population of the USA is 38. 5 million and the population west of the Mississippi is 6,877,000 (Los Angeles has 5,728 people) 1870 : Victoria Woodhull advocates free love in her "Weekly" magazine. 1870 : Charles Dowd divides the USA into "time zones" 1871 : the National Rifle Association is founded. 1871 : Korea expels the ships sent by the USA to open up its ports. 1871 : The Great Chicago Fire destroys 17,000 buildings and kills 300 people. 1871 : The Great Atlantic Pacific Tea Company, better known as AP, expands from New York to Chicago, pioneering the "chain" approach.

Michael DeSio, Amy DeSio, and Lori DeSio bought property on 15 Kellogg Road from John Paduano and Patricia Paduano for 190,550. Aaron Berthaupt and Jennifer Ashline bought property on 2 Gadwall Drive from Barbera Homes Inc. for 304,000.]